CEO at Goldstream Incorporated travels to London for industry conference

CEO at Goldstream Incorporated travels to London for industry conference

CEO at Goldstream Incorporated, Dan Coolican continued his travels this past weekend when he attended an industry conference at the Hilton London Bankside.

Ideally located in the heart of Bankside, a short walk away from London’s famous landmarks, including Borough Market, The Shard and Tate Modern, the conference venue was easily accessible for delegates. Held on January 28th, the meeting was attended by sales, marketing and recruitment professionals from all over the UK. The delegates gathered in the luxurious Bankside Ballroom, ahead of the 10 a.m. commencement time. The agenda of the meeting was focusing on the connection between branding, and having a strong recruitment pipeline.

During the conference, there were multiple guest speakers who each had specialist topics to expand on. Each speaker emphasised the importance of mastering the art of recruitment, and highlighted the important role it plays in any successful business. Another of the main topics on the agenda was the rise of mobile recruitment.

The evolution of recruitment in the last 12 months has been staggering, with a plethora of apps now on the market that match candidates to companies like a dating website, via a swipe right philosophy. As technology continues to evolve, it plays an increasingly important role in the way companies approach the talent search, and mobile recruitment is the future. Over 89% of job seekers saying their mobile device will be an important tool and resource for their job search. The increase in mobile usage among job seekers has contributed to mobile recruiting’s rising popularity.

The seminar also shone a spotlight on the evolution of recruitment, the impact of good branding and the ever-growing role that LinkedIn and Glassdoor are playing. Delegates were encouraged to embrace mobile recruitment and ensure that their company website is fully mobile optimised.

“Attracting the right people to your business, and being able to retain them is imperative for business success,” said Mr. Coolican.

After the day’s events, attendees were invited to a cocktail hour, to relax and socialise. Mr Coolican took advantage of the situation to connect with some award-winning entrepreneurs, and to expand his network. “One of my main objectives, when I attend events like the one in London, is to capitalise on the opportunity to connect and network with fellow professionals. I am always looking to expand my skillset and converse with individuals who can have an impact on my business success,” stated Mr. Coolican.

Goldstream Incorporated is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Nottingham. As direct marketing specialists, the firm works closely alongside their clients to create unique marketing campaigns, which will accurately represent their products or services to consumers. CEO Dan Coolican frequently travels to attend industry conferences and seminars and encourages fellow professionals to take advantage of every opportunity to learn and educate themselves.


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