Goldstream Incorporated ecstatic to be setting new sales records

Goldstream Inc. sales record

Goldstream Incorporated ecstatic to be setting new sales records

With an incredible 60% increase in sales during the week commencing November 23rd, Nottingham-based outsourced sales and marketing firm Goldstream Incorporated experienced its best week yet, setting a new sales record.

Goldstream Incorporated has built some incredible momentum over the last few months, exceeding client and company expectations, and continuing to set new records. One of the main contributing factors to the firm’s tremendous performance is the recent business trips that it went on, travelling to Edinburgh, Preston and Skegness. The trips allowed the firm to reach a new target audience for clients, as well as conducting valuable market research. One of the most constructive elements of the business trips was the networking sessions with fellow sales and marketing professionals across the UK. At Goldstream Inc., contractors are urged to take advantage of any networking opportunities as they can play a huge role in an entrepreneur’s personal and professional development. Building a solid network of professionals, ideally at different stages in their business career, can be very influential in someone’s entrepreneurial journey.

With a matter of weeks left until the New Year, attentions at Goldstream Incorporated are now turning towards 2016.  The firm is hugely ambitious and wants to maintain the momentum it has built up and one of the goals for the first financial quarter is to break the new sales record. Company growth is also at the top of the firm’s agenda. One of the main objectives for the firm next year is to expand market reach into other cities in the UK, as well as adding to its client portfolio. “We are thrilled with the performance of the company over the last few months, and I believe much of this success is due to the solid foundations we have built, with the incredibly ambitious and talented group of people we have, all working towards a common goal.  With the great group of people we have and the confidence and belief we have, I predict we will surpass the current record in no time,” said a spokesperson for Goldstream Incorporated.

Goldstream Incorporated is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Nottingham. After identifying a gap in the market for more personalised marketing solutions, the firm specialises in face-to-face, direct marketing techniques that allows it to meet customers in-person. The firm creates long-lasting and personal relationships between consumers and clients’ brands by creating personalised campaigns. The firm’s direct and personalised approach leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and most importantly brand loyalty for clients.

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