Goldstream Incorporated celebrate record sales week following Preston business trip

Goldstream Incorporated celebrate record sales week following Preston business trip

Two weeks ago, Goldstream Incorporated had a record breaking sales week on their business trip in Preston. The 6-day trip was a huge success and has brought to the surface rumours of a potential expansion into the city.


At Goldstream Incorporated, one of the tremendous advantages of their marketing strategies is the ability to offer their clients the opportunity to take their product or service to different locations throughout the UK. Unlike many static marketing strategies, Goldstream Incorporated isn’t restricted to one single location. The event-marketing specialists have the incredible advantage of taking their clients’ products and services direct to consumers at events and venues throughout the UK, allowing them to adapt their campaigns in order to ensure they are always able to achieve client targets.  The extensive market reach they are able to achieve at Goldstream Incorporated is testament to the impact that their form of direct marketing can have.

At Goldstream Incorporated they regularly run business trips to cities across the UK in order to achieve the greatest market reach and results possible for their client portfolio. These business trips also provide a great opportunity to conduct extensive market research and investigate possible locations for the firm to expand into.

The success of the Preston business trip has been a springboard for growth at the firm.   “There is a huge buzz about the place following the Preston business trip and there has been some talk behind the scenes about potentially expanding the Goldstream brand into Preston on a permanent basis,” said a spokesperson for Goldstream Incorporated.

One of the main focuses at Goldstream Incorporated in the run up to the New Year is to build on the momentum they have gained over the last couple of weeks, to make sure they end the year on a high. They are committed to continued growth and development and something they are excited about is the potential expansion of the Goldstream Incorporated brand. “It’s an exciting time for everyone at Goldstream and I believe the Preston business trip, and the record sales we achieved, will be the turning point which will see us finish the year over achieving on client targets, and putting ourselves in a strong position for a great start to 2016,” said a spokesperson for Goldstream Incorporated.

Goldstream Incorporated is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Nottingham. The firm specialises in face-to-face, direct marketing techniques that allows them to create long-lasting and personal relationships between consumers and their clients’ brands by creating personalised campaigns. This often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.  The firm is fast developing their brand to represent their dedication to delivering exceptional results whilst maintaining an exceptional customer experience on their clients’ behalf.


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