Goldstream Incorporated investigate Canfield’s success theory

Goldstream Inc. - success theory

Goldstream Incorporated investigate Canfield’s success theory

In business, success is a constant journey. Sales and marketing specialists Goldstream Incorporated take inspiration from Canfield’s theory of success.

Goldstream Incorporated specialises in outsourcing solutions for household brands. The firm have moved from strength to strength since establishing in Nottingham. The firm has developed a strong reputation in achieving exceptional results and has created a stronger demand for their services. The firm recently were awarded a life changing opportunity to attend the prestigious sales and marketing awards in Sydney. The firm utilised the opportunity to broaden their business network and acquire market leading contacts.

To help drive further success, Goldstream Incorporated has drawn inspiration from Canfield’s Success Theory. This theory allows individuals to make real life choices that consider uncontrollable elements and offer the ability to resume control. Canfield defines success as fulfilling a person’s purpose in life. With each individual’s purpose being unique it allows a specific plan to be established to suit the journey. The theory offers an equation that defines success: E + R = O. Goldstream Incorporated has dissected the formula below.

E – Events

Each day is an accumulation of events that we have little or no control over; from the current economy and political wars to workplace dramas. By understanding the control points it allows control to be placed where it matters, the Response.

R – Response

This comes in 3 forms: behaviours, thoughts and imagery. By focusing on fine tuning these three controllable factors, a person will develop great habits that will lead to success. By neutralising the negativity and making the transition towards internal positivity, it will create more positive outcomes.

O – Outcome

By visualising positive outcomes as a response leads to a string of positive results from uncontrollable situations.

Goldstream Incorporated encourage their contractors to understand their personal purpose and encourage them to create meaningful actions which will in time assist them in reaching their long term purpose and achieve success. The firm encourage regular goal setting and assessment to ensure the path to success is consistently on the right track.

Goldstream Incorporated offer a business development opportunity to their contractors. They offer advice and insight into; Administration, Finance, Client Relations, Sales and Marketing Strategies, Events Co-ordination / Management, Public and Motivational Speaking, Leadership and Project Management.

As a sales contractor at Goldstream Incorporated each day promises to be filled with new challenges. They are looking to fill opportunities with individuals who share the company’s values and will complement their culture.


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