Goldstream Incorporated Review the Cornerstones of Great Leadership

Goldstream Incorporated Review the Cornerstones of Great Leadership

Goldstream Incorporated Review the Cornerstones of Great Leadership

Nottingham-based outsourced sales and marketing firm Goldstream Incorporated believe that exceptional leadership skills are the difference between success and failure.

The firm has developed a culture of education with CEO Dan Coolican committed to the development of the firm’s staff and contractors. One of the main skills they teach is leadership, and the firm has reviewed the cornerstones of great leadership.

1. Be an example. Goldstream Incorporated are firm believers that the greatest leaders lead by example. “If you want to be an effective leader, don’t just tell people how it’s done, show them, and that is a philosophy we have adopted,” commented Mr Coolican.

2. Listen. Great leaders recognise the importance of two-way communication. The best leaders understand they need to listen as well as talk to give their team the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions and feel like they are valued.

3. Be passionate. When someone is passionate, it influences and inspires others. “If you aren’t passionate about what you’re doing, how can you expect other people to be?” commented Mr Coolican.

4. Be consistent. Consistency instils confidence and allows team members to know what to expect.

5. Have mentors and role models. Goldstream Incorporated believe that in both personal and business pursuits, having mentors and role models to look up to and learn from, is imperative.

6. Don’t make excuses. The greatest leaders take ownership of their mistakes and don’t pass the blame onto other people. “Excuses are just lies to yourself, acknowledge your mistakes and learn from them,” commented Mr Coolican.

7. Network. Goldstream Incorporated frequently attend networking events, and Mr Coolican encourages the firm’s staff and contractors to build a diverse network of like-minded individuals to assist them on their entrepreneurial journey.

8. Have fun. Goldstream Incorporated believe that fun and success go hand in hand and they have developed a very social culture with weekly social gatherings at Nottingham’s top bars and restaurants.

9. Give feedback. Feedback is imperative so people can learn what they’re doing well, but crucially, what areas they can improve on.

10. Continuously learn. At Goldstream Incorporated they are committed to continued learning, offering frequent opportunities for their staff and contractors to develop their skills and knowledge through workshops, seminars and attendance at industry conferences. “Knowledge is power, and it’s vital never to stop learning,’ commented Mr Coolican.

Goldstream Incorporated is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Nottingham. As direct marketing specialists, the firm works closely alongside their clients to create unique marketing campaigns, which will accurately represent their products or services to consumers. Leadership is one of the first skills the firm teach as they believe every successful business is built on strong leadership foundations.


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