Goldstream Incorporated’s How to Guide for Building Strong Business Relationships

Goldstream Incorporated’s How to Guide for Building Strong Business Relationships

Goldstream Incorporated’s How to Guide for Building Strong Business Relationships

Dan Coolican CEO of Goldstream Incorporated believes that the common denominator that has dictated all of his success thus far is people, and the relationships that he’s forged.

The entrepreneur and business owner argues that there is an unlimited wealth that is undervalued in the relationships that people have, both personally and professionally, and that those relationships provide a fantastic opportunity for growth and development.

Goldstream Incorporated believe that a large part of business success is dependent on having a strong network, and building that network requires excellent communication. Supporting this theory is a Harvard study, which found that 85% of professional success comes from people skills.

Here, the Nottingham-based outsourced sales and marketing specialists, have published their how-to guide to help people build strong business relationships:

1. Give to get

Effective networking is a two-way street argues Goldstream Incorporated. “To get you have to give,” commented Mr Coolican. The business owner contends that good relationships cannot be one-sided and that to get help from people, it’s vital to offer something in return.

2. Make your goals clear

To get the most out of a relationship, it is essential to make your goals clear, so the other person knows what you want to achieve from the connection.

3. Follow up promptly

Networking events are great for forging new connections – however, many people fall into the trap of forgetting to follow up with people after the event to solidify the relationships. “The purpose of building a network is to develop solid win-win business-building relationships and to do that it requires effort to follow up and improve the relationships,” commented Mr Coolican,

4. Identify Shared Goals and Values

The best relationships are between like-minded people who share common goals and values, claims Goldstream Incorporated. The sales and marketing specialists believe that developing relationships with individuals who share the same goals and values is what elevates someone to the next level in their career.

5. Get More Personal

In my experience, the people I have the best relationships with are the ones who I know on both a personal and professional level,” commented Mr Coolican. The entrepreneur and business owner encourages people to get to know their connections personally and professionally as it helps to solidify the relationship.

Goldstream Incorporated is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Nottingham. As direct marketing specialists, the firm works closely alongside their clients to create unique marketing campaigns, which will accurately represent their products or services to consumers. The firm frequently attends networking events, and they believe that building strong relationships can be the catalyst for business success.


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