Master the art of small talk using Goldstream Incorporated’s 10 step guide

Goldstream Incorporated - master the art of small talk

Master the art of small talk using Goldstream Incorporated’s 10 step guide

Business revolves around connections, and Goldstream Incorporated have shared their 10-step guide to mastering small talk and getting one foot in the door.

 Small talk can be a tricky topic, with many individuals lacking confidence in making those first few minutes count in gathering enough interest to start up a meaningful conversation. Goldstream Incorporated have created a business consisting of relationship building for their clients, and offer the following 10-step guide on mastering small talk:

  1. Demonstrate interest in your conversation partner – By letting the other person speak, following questions will arise if proper engagement is taking place. Listen intently, and look for positive, common points of interest to elaborate on.
  1. Ask open-ended questions – Encourage sustainable conversation by engaging in conversation with open questions. The greater the response, the easier the follow-up will be. Avoid ‘yes or no’ questions at all costs as they can kill a conversation before it starts.
  1. Read the news – Be up to date on current affairs before a social event. Be sure to avoid taking a strong one sided opinion one way or another as it can cause a potential conflict of interests.
  1. Share anecdotes – Find common ground to allow a conversation partner to form a connection. Think topics such as hobbies, travel or education.
  1. Practice the FORM technique – Using Robert Adams FORM method, conversation should never hit a dead spot.

(F)amily: Where are they from, have you been here long, do you have any children?

(O)ccupation: What do you do for a living? What does it entail daily? Have you always had this line of work?

(R)ecreation: What do you get up to in your spare time? Is there a local club?

(M)oney: Price increases, how the future looks regarding inflation.

  1. Copy good conversationalists – Comedians are great to observe, make a note of the questions they ask and how they follow up or even make use of dead air space.
  1. Boost your conversation partner’s self-esteem – Everyone likes a compliment. Keep it natural and make their day.
  1. Practice with everyone you meet – Chat to everyone, use the morning commute, door staff at work, the courier, to practice small talk without pressure.
  1. Ask a better version of, ‘What do you do?’ – By spicing up the variants of such an overused question, it will catch the other person off guard and gain their attention immediately. Try ‘What’s keeping you busy these days?’
  1. Know that other people feel weird, too – Other people feel equally as awkward at first meeting so relax and play in the common ground.

Goldstream Incorporated is a Nottingham-based outsourced sales and marketing firm that acquires customers for their clients through face-to-face promotions. With many brands crying out for more personalised marketing solutions, the company offers in-person, direct marketing techniques that allow them to create long-lasting and personal relationships between consumers and brands.


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