Meet the CEO


Dan Coolican

Born and raised in Leeds by a single very hard working mum, from a young age it was clear to me that nothing great is achieved without hard work, sacrifice and passion. Growing up I was fixated on not settling for the mediocre lifestyle, I wanted great things, so I started taking the right actions to make that happen.

From selling confectionary in the school playground to make money to pay for my grandmother’s Christmas presents, motivating my fellow army team through trialling times, to even starting up a business at the mere age of 19 in a language I couldn’t speak, Polish. Anything I do, I do it with 100% determination. One common denominator that has dictated all of my successes and lessons in life thus far, is people.

There is an unlimited wealth that is undervalued in the relationships we share with people. From family, friends, business connections to even one off encounters, there is amazing opportunity for growth and development in these connections. All of my goals are centred on this notion. I have and will continue to develop, grow and achieve a better version of myself, and my business, through connecting with people.

I am firmly focused on sharing the sensational successes with all those around me. I want to give the opportunity to grow and develop success. To me success is measured by how you elevate others. I achieve this by sharing my knowledge and experience, and investing my time and energy into developing individuals. My professional journey has been exceptional in Europe, and I am now focused on the America chapter. I will continue the European expansion of Goldstream Inc, keeping the solid foundation for intense growth and achievement moving forward.

The goal is simple, to help develop individuals to achieve their goals and aspirations. Success is setting a goal and achieving it, no matter how big or small.